Recording Vocals/processing vocals


Recently I worked an original track with a sampled vocal. Having finished the track I thought it was a good opportunity to find a vocalist and get her to sing vocals using the sample as a guide to make a hook.

Having recorded the new vocals I found that when I put them into the track, they just wouldn’t fit in the mix correctly, no matter how many effects I put on the chain it just wouldn’t sound as good as the sample did.

This leads me to the question, does anyone have any tips or processes they go about when recording vocals and fitting them into their tracks. This might be effects you use on your fx chain or even if you layer backing vocals under neath.

I’m basically wondering how to really fatten the vocal up and make it fit in with the mix.

I recorded with a condenser mic and used Reverb, stereo widening, delay, EQ and autotune to process it.

The space you are recording in can have a massive impact on vocal recordings… on numerous occasions ive tried to record vocals in a less than adequate surroundings and the they always just “sit” wrong.

Alternatively any time ive used good dampening or a vocal booth they just slot right in no fuss.

My Chain is just Rode NT2 -Focusrite pro 24 - Waves RVox (or Abletons comp 1976 Preset). Might need a few chained together to get a really solid compressed sound.

For my vocal recordings are sounding somewhat “boxy”. I wouldn’t say they are muddy or unclear. They come across sounding like they were recorded in a small box, damp and dead. I have a feeling it is the recording booth I put together but from what I’ve read the issue could be from other things.