Recording Vocals

Hey All,

Can you guys tell me which video for ableton live I should watch for a beginners guide to recording vocals?

Any tips, tricks , strategies for recording my vocals to my tracks in live 8 would be much appreciated. Also for you gear sluts what would you recommend for an entry or mid entry mic? Im going to buy one this week since Im visiting new york and things tend to be a bit cheaper here.


There are honestly way too many mics to choose from, but a good all rounder is the Shure SM58, you can use it for a lot of different things as well as vocals. It’s a dynamic mic so tends to not be as good for higher end frequencies, such as hats or percussion. But is an industry favourite non the less due to it’s versatility.

However it may be a thought about getting yourself a condenser mic, good models include Shure, Rode and AKG amongst others.

It really depends how much cash you got to splash really. The more you spend the better quality mic you’ll get generally.

check out the peak time trance tutorial…