i need help ive recored my own song in ableton live 8 how can i put on cd?

In ableton select the whole track.

Go to: File>Export

save as a wav when its finished rendering open it in itunes… create a playlist> put the track in it> pop in a blank cd and burn.


done what u said but there is no sound y is this

Make sure the whole track was selected in ableton, there should be two little yellow arrows just at the top bar, one starting from the beginning of your track and the other at the end. Make sure also that the red button (with the arrow pointing left, in between the OVR and 1 bar buttons) is pressed so it’s not red.

File > Extract Audio/Video > make sure ‘rendered track’ in the pop up window is set at ‘master’. Then click ok.

It should extract fine then.

To burn just follow what phil said, or try using Windows Media Player which has a burn option. Unless you’re using a Mac in which case try using ‘Toast’.

Dont you also need to make sure that its in Arrangement View rather than Session View? Otherwise you will extract the loop only.