Recreating existing (wav.) kicks


first of all - i already know this course: How To Assimilate Kicks in Kick 2 | How To Assimilate Kicks in Kick 2

But i’m not really sure WHAT this guy is doing :slight_smile:

He puts the wanted kick into the “click 1 section” to compare his copy of the kick right?

Then he trys to recreate the sub by adjusting the points of the sine curve. How much points to i need? What is the procedure? When to switch to the next point etc. ?

Wouldn’t it be better to cut the highs first to get the original click sound? And only recreate the body?

Also i’m not sure how to recreate “overdriven” kicks the look more like a square… do i need to dial in the distortion/drive there also?

BTW: This is the kick i would like to recreate:!AvgzmCi7ZQD362-WHSpgZ0cJJO2_?e=7Oj2ig

Many thanks!

Hi there @NBG

The course covers the situation where you sampled a kick from a full mix and you don’t get a “clean” kick sound reference to reproduce. So this way to approach the kick sound design can help in this case.

Yes, that’s the main purpose, it’s only to get a reference of the kick waveform you are trying to match. Ideally you get rid of the sample when you’re done and use a click sound from KICK 2 library although you could shorten and tweak your sampled Kick and use it as the click for the attack.

It’s more which Nodes ( points ) you move than how many. If you watch the video again you will see that depending of the Nodes you’re adjusting ( the first ones - Left - or the last ones - right - ) will shape the kick waveform in different sections : body, punch, attack.

So it’s really going back and forth with the zoom and adjusting the Nodes until you get a similar waveform than your reference sample.

Again, we’re in a scenario where the sampled kick is not clean, but in your case you could do it the way you describe.

The distortion and drive can help but also the clicks sounds, there are some of “Fx” and “Noise” clicks sounds that can help to achieve this.

  • I may give it a try to reproduce your Kick later on if I have some time for it :wink: