Referral program

Recently I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic through my soundcloud, a lot of the time people will ask for feed back on their tracks and so after I give an honest opinion I almost always refer them to Sonic Academy to get their tunes better…

Have you guys ever thought about implementing some type of referral program? I think it would be a nice addition to the site and might increase traffic

Yeah we have thought about it. It will be more useful when the new shop goes live so we can give stuff away for refferals.

I’ve always wanted a T-shirt with your mug on it Phil…:smiley:

Hello Guys according to that topic i think that referral program is another name for an affiliate system, a business agreement in which a vendor website will pay someone a commission for referring customers to the vendor’s site.For newbies to Online marketing becoming a member of that programe and it is excellent opportunity for earn money.Thanks a lot!!br