Relatively chilled house - which version

coming back from a lengthy trip i have now these two versions of a song. pretty simple but there is something. a) which version to work on? b) what could i add to make it more real music? thinking of some orchestra string, but am always thinking of orchestra strings.^^

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I prefer the second one. I must admit I didn’t listen to them both fully but just skipping around the second track feels a lot warmer with better low end and really nice reverb.

Definitely some more high end would be beneficial (above 5khz or so) just to create some ear candy, so orchestral strings could work! But the vocals and pads really work nicely in my opinion and create a nice ambient vibe, so I wouldn’t let the high end dominate.

Good job!

thanks. funny with the frequencies you mention, because i always think it’s to bright and too much up there. seriously need to move and buy some better monitors.