Release rate of video tutorials

hi guys, ok so we’ve got a quick poll for you to take part in

As you are aware our courses currently release as whole packages, usually every 2 weeks you get a full course, about 15 videos or so with resources all arriving on a single day

what we want to know is whether you prefer to have these courses arrive as a whole.

or would you prefer to have new content arriving to the site every day. i.e. a module a day from the course.

so monday you get module 1, tuesday you get module 2, wednesday you get module 3… etc.

let us know!


I was quite torn as it think daily would be easier to take in for some … but i vote for complete tutorial package in one go!:slight_smile:

I think you may as well release them daily because if you would rather watch them all together then you can still just wait to their all uploaded and the timeframe will be as it was before,meanwhile those that want something new every day will also be happy, so i think thats a no lose situation.

Not too fussed either way.

I suppose when you release 10 tutorials in one go we are hard pushed to watch them and take them all in!

Full Please :slight_smile:

full please:D

i like to watch them all through before getting stuck in:cool:

I’m with Chris, I watch them all at once. Then I go back and dissect the tuts where the info is most relative to me. I think that maybe you could start omitting parts of the tuts that are the same across the board. IE, a house beat is a house beat for lack of better words. I personally don’t need to see the tutor adjusting the eq and all that on each drum hit on every tutorial. I think at this point you could explain your choice of midi programming and move on to the next part. Same thing with risers and stuff like that. You could now make risers a tech tip, and then just reference the tech tip in the tut when you get to the riser. Then you can concentrate on giving us the meat and potatoes of the tuts. I guess what I am saying is there’s a lot of information that is uniform across all of the tuts, and only subtle noticeable differences probably need to be touched on. You could argue that someone might only be watching a tutorial for the first time, but again, you could say, “for those of you just joining us for the first time, you can find detailed info about drum programming in tech tip 19, on to the bass!”. Hope this makes sense. As is, I like things how they’re going, but now I work my arse off so I’m not around as often craving the new stuff everyday. I have seen it from both sides though…


1 per day for me.

Wading through 10+ tutorials is fine, but I’d rather be using them as tools alongside writing my own stuff. I tend to get put off doing whole courses as I find myself itching to get back to my own stuff and try out the techniques covered in the tuts there. Having a 1 a day release would really open up scope for experimentation as you go along.

All at once

all at once for me too!!

All at once. If one would like to watch them daily, then watch them one at a time on a day to day basis. I do what Raymond does. I watch them all and them dissect them.