**Release Schedule** Updated February 2010

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This is the golden egg right here SA!!! Thank you for providing this!

Much Respect SA,


well played :slight_smile:

Cheers Lads!

Looking forward to them - Really like the Stereo Width one in Cubase… Has given me a couple of new ideas!


Cheers for this guys. Can’t wait for the tech trance one! I hope its a biggie.

is the electro house tut for cubase the same as the electro house for ableton?

the electro house in cubase is based on the electro house in ableton yes, but making use of cubase’s internal effects and instruments

Very well done!

HELL YEAH!!! My prayers have been answered. Can’t wait for the Synthesis videos. I been asking for them for quite some time now! Thanks guys! Awesome job!


well played S/A:D

you see raymond, we DO listen :wink:


It’s hard not to when I’m hangin from your ears!!! Big ups for this!!! And yes, I deserved that!!!


I’m excited about this Drum and Bass. Awesome.

[quote]stylz (9/7/2009)[hr]I’m excited about this Drum and Bass. Awesome.[/quote]

Maybe Phil can do a MC tutorial hahahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

its my time to complain…

no deep, no dub, no chill…



looking for the reaktor videos & the cubase.


Likewise for the reaktor tutorial, looking forward to it :smiley:

Thanks SA. all quality looking topics.

Can't wait!!!.

Thanks SA !

Can`t wait for the Cubase 5 Electro Tut, and of Course my Favourite NU DISCO !

Is this in Ableton ?

Please make a Calvin Harris Tutorial :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: Chris

Ill give you a calvin harris turorial…

get a mid 90’s trance tune rift, rip it off…

put a house beat behind it and sing about staying up all night…

seriously, the nu disco one will be very good, again is this in live?Could we have a generic synthesis one at some point as well?

Cheers guys…