Remake of an old track; Epic House: End Game V2


Its end game again. Last time I attempted this track lets be honest it sounded a bit ****e mainly due to over doing the fx on the sounds. Tried to get the right balance this time and I think its payed off nicely!
Would love to hear feedback on this, tried to make it sound as epic as possible!
It was mixed on cans since I dont own any monitors :P

If anyone is interested in the previous attempt:

It starts off very good, but you loose it with the kick. Too weak for my likings.

i used to be well into epic house bt sasha etc and 10 min + tracks, this sounds very familiar not sure i know it tho, i think it has a nice big sound, just the drums could be better, its hard to get drums sounding good on cans at times kinda hit and miss, i spent 9 months writing on them last year and the results were varied…

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think getting the kick just happens to be the hardest thing for me and it might be cause I mix on cans but I think its more to do with me not synthesizing it just right. Getting the low end just right is tough, and sidechaining everything without overdoing it I also find difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

Definatel something to work on, thanks :smiley:

ekko it might be V1 giving you that similair vibe :stuck_out_tongue:

:30 - I like how the piano comes in hard with lots of body

:30 - 1:25, im anticipating something here, but its kinda slow. Maybe add some mellow risers?

2:00 - I really like how the plucks echo in, nice intro!

3:00 - I like how the piano is introduced here, but the first few notes sound a bit off, not a whole lot, but maybe like 1/8 bar or so

4:01 - I really like the break here, the synth sounds great and leads the track well into the breakdown

5:00 - The arp sounds really carry the track forward here, nice work!

Overall, its a nice emotional dark track! The piano at some parts sound a bit off, but thats just me. Im not that good at mastering/mixing yet, so i cant give you any advice on that. But I can give you my opinion from a music lover :wink:

Thanks, thats detailed stuff!

Will definately consider the flow stuff more for my next track, I do get what you mean about variation in the first 2 mins, it is definately lacking. That was partly a mixdown decision where I felt it would be good to reduce the volume of the screaching fx sounds which was a poor decision since they are now barely audible :frowning: