Remix being released

Hey Guys

I havent been on the forum lately - have been busy!!

some remixes i have done are being released so im pretty chuffed about that

(remix of 2 tracks by Toge - on Incense Records Spain

plus another one (i hope but not totally official just yet)

plus i have started a wee techno nite in belfast and the first one is on friday so i have had lots to do

= Toge - shiver (chekka remix) by chekka ]

Btw you posted the same track twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a listen to both. Tracks, like it. Your remix of the Cush track it great. Nice work!

yeah dunno why it did that

any links i ever post on this site come out wierd mat e tbh

have to say it puts me off postin

nice job.:cool:

Nice mate, very deep, grats on the release, good to see our community getting things done!

Congrats Chekka!

cheers lads - doin me first dj gig on friday night too!!!

nervous tbh - havin few laptop probs at the min

had to put me own night on to get the gig mind you!:smiley:

Hey still it always takes guts to do ANYTHING for the first time. Taking that step into the unknown and all. So, good luck. Prep well and you’ll blow 'em away.

cheers lads!!