Remix ive done for spinnin records please vote and share if you like it

it feels a bit empty and could be more special/unique with tiny elements here and there that would be unique to this song. e.g. in the first part there could be something behind “sippin’ on coke and rum”. maybe a small swelling distorted pad sound, or maybe mangling the “coke and rum” through a vocoder and modulated filter delay. or a soft, slightly distorted and delayed pluck in the ellen alien / paul kalkbrenner direction that’s playing the notes of “coke and rum”.

it also has a melancholic feel to it. the lyrics are, as far as my english allows me to understand them, another interpretation of the “our last summer” theme. so why not going a bit stronger on this melancholy and smuggle in some sad, more in your face chords or notes, something simple like in trentemoller’s moan, just adjusted to the sound of the instruments in this genre? somewhere a nice sad halftone step, a I-iii chord progression or something in that direction.