Remix/Production Competitions?

Hi guys just wondering if there are any remix/production competitions on the horizon here at SA?

Or does anyone know of any good ones elsewhere?

There was one just on actually, think you’ve literally just missed it lol.


Oh well at least it gives me a bit more time to polish my remix skills!

Know of any other good ones out there at the mo? I know my mate entered a Carl Cox comp a few months ago to get a release on his label, last i heard he had got through to the final 4

Be wary though dude…

If you end up creating something really great and it’s a hit, you don’t have the rights!

Yeah Bedrock have a competition going, good luck!


laptoprockers also sums up a few :slight_smile:

Most remix comps are popularity competitions anyways.

It’s normally ‘who’s got the most mates’ to vote click your track, rather than the actual track itself doing all the talking.

They’re good for practice though, defo :slight_smile:

try the indaba site , i think it has the most competitions on the internet regarding remixing and stuff.

Remix comps def seem to be down to how many you can get to vote for you rather than your skills.

Your best bet though if you just want to up your remix skills is that remixcomps website. you dont have to enter you can just smash out a remix for yourself

Awesome info, thanks for that guys

thanks guys for the info when i see that i want try my first remix and this is what i done

hardware: notebook 1.83ghz 1 ram and my mp3 headset

sofware ableton 8 :

-master channel -Final yamaha mix

-sylenth1 for synths

-bass orginal marco bailey bass+seqarp ( i choped them and pitched them for my melody) and loops perc parts and some extra fx loop from vengeance wav

hope you like it :smiley:

Marco Bailey - Bom Bang (Kyo remix) by Kyo