Remix time

I’ve been asked to do a remix for a label I’m releasing on in June. This is more tech housy, but with some distinct
Hope you like this early snippet of my work in progress. Would love to know whether the low end in particular is okay (kick in combination with the bass).br
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It still needs lots of work. Fills, some pads (for textures), reversed reverbs, etc.

On my monitors it sounds great, but when I played it through a smaller setup at work the tail of the kick was really dominant and the kick sounded like it could use a bit more of a click. But saying that all the stuff I do sounds rubbish on smaller setups until I’ve mastered it…

Thanks xpa. Anyone else some recommendations?

I like the intro, the stereo image is good and everything is EQ’d
The kick really punches and the bass is subtle which I’m not sure whether or not it needs a bit of a volume lift.

That bass might need a bit of work indeed. Make it more prominent in the
Thanks for that one!

I agree with what everyone else is saying, what you have so far is very good but you can tell its unfinished liek you said, but looking forward to hearing what else you have to add to it!