Remixing a 'How To Sound Like'

Sorry if this is a noob question and has been discussed here before (tried looking through the search function without much look) but… is it ok for us to remix one of the How To Sound Like tracks you guide us through in one of your tutuorials and to then post them here afterwards? I’ve just gone through the techno tutorial and found it inspired me to write a slower, groovier tech house sounding track, but still using some of the same samples and ideas.

Maybe we can dedicate a thread to peoples tracks posted on soundcloud or other streaming servers for feedback etc if we state in the track name that its a How to Sound Like remix. I suppose thats one for the mods.

Anyway, its just an idea and maybe a bit of fun to hear other peoples interpretations of the tracks you guys gladly help us with in your tutorials.

Good idea:D

I was thinking the same too - cool idea :smiley:

Yeah guys that would be totally cool… you can use all sonics samples in your tunes and borrow any ideas etc.