Remixing Disco / Disco House

Hi Guys,

Please can you help. I am looking for a little help in the right direction with a question i really can’t seem to find an answer anywhere on the internet, and was hoping that someone on here will have the answer.

I am wanting to produce disco house, but this query would apply to remixing any original track whether it be disco / 1920’s / or an 80’s pop track - but what I want to know is once you have imported ie. an old disco track and time stretched it . How best to beef the sample up to make it sound a little more up to date to fit in the arrangement - I think what i mean is what sort of thing would be used in the channel strip settings to chunk it up , what plugs to sound like freemasons etc,

if you can advise me I would be so very very grateful as it’s driving me crazy as can’t get it to sound fat / wide/expanded etc . it just sounds empty.

Thanks so Much


Thge tech disco course may be able to help you with how to beef it up into a modern sounding track.