Remixing Songs without Stems

How to remix Songs without stems.

For example if you took a regular Red Hot Chilli Peppers Songs and remixed it with a House Beat.

How to removed instrumentals and only keep vocals etc.


i think that should only be approached by skilled sound engineer or with the use of specialized software . i heard some stuff about Audiosculpt on mac that it can split songs but i don’t know if it’s true. I might just be talking bulls**t :smiley:

If there’s no acapella out for the track you aim to remix, you have a hard time removing the music from the vocal. Always try Google and look for the acapella.

When there’s no acapella, you can always try to sample the good parts you need for your remix. Apply some good EQ-ing to those parts. And make sure your created sounds dominate the instrumental sounds from the samples you took.