Remote recording. What do you think about it?

Hi All!

Many musicians (including me) have being offering their services, specially recordings, remotely over the web.

I am feeling that, due to new market reality and the need for lower production costs, this way of work is becoming more popular. I am pretty confident that you can make a pro level production working with good musicians in their own private studios.

What do you think about it? Would you hire a musician over the web? why?

What would be your concerns?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english (I am from Brazil)


Sure why not? My vocalist has sent me vocals over the web a few times, i know him personally of course but at first we became friends via web.

It’s no different really than receiving parts for a remix, or samples from a pack? But it’s customised to what you’re working on.


I agree that its an easy and non expensive way to allow low budget producers to hire good professionals.

I have being working remotely recording guitars, bass and programming drums keyboards, brass sections, etc.

Now am starting a website where people can hire professional musicians over the web. that’s why I am very interested on what people think about this way of working.

lol i just stole your idea!