Remove ana!

all right guys ,

first i’m gutted , really gutted , ana just wont run my laptop its just chewing thru the cpu , like an american grunt on shore leave going thru a thai whore knickers in puket !

sad times theres some great sounding presets on there , and hats off to u guys that would be my go to synth for everything its sounds amazing but my laptop cant cope, even tho its 6g ram and quad core amd !!! still cant cope ,

any way i want to remove ana of my laptop (i only have the demo) because it just winds me up seeing it there in the vsti folder ,

so how do i remove it from my system?

its not listed in add/remove programmes, do i just delete the dll from the vsti folder and rescan?

thanks guys !

Yeah just delete the dll. There is also a folder in c:/program data ( its a hidden folder)


i’ve been trying out some free software to stop background services/programmes running in the back ground , i tried a few and some are hard to useand dont really make much difference but i found one that is great ,

very easy to use and free and it has made a big diffrence when its running ,

ana isn’t chewing thru the cpu as much

, theres enough of a reducation for me to be able to play about with ana and have a few instances of it running,

the web site is

Advanced SystemCare 16 Free: Top PC Cleaner & Optimizer for Windows

its free and it seems to be working

getting some issues with my laptop too right now, gonna try it as a temporary fix.