Rendered file cannot be used in click 1 - 3 slots

I have a problem (idea for improvement)…In the render section of KICK2, when I click on “generate”, I can then simply move the generated file into my DAW audio track (I use Ableton), but the generated file cannot be directly moved into the Click 1-3 slots of the KICK2 synth. I think its a shame, because I would like to generate f.e. a strong transient, put it into one click slot and then proceed to design the “body” of the kick.
Am I doing smth wrong or is it a “flaw” of the Synth…and could it be fixed?
Thank you

Hi there @MartinBulusek

While it’s right that you can’t directly drag the new generated Kick to the Clicks slots, there’s a very easy way to do this.

After you have generated your Kick, left click hold your mouse on the waveform and instead of dragging the WAV aufio file onto an audio track inside Ableton, drag it onto your desktop. From there it’s drag & drop onto any of the 3 click slots.

Alternatively, you can also use the export feature, but that’s more when you’d like to archive your new Kicks.

So the quickest move is : Generate → Drag to Desktop → Drag onto desired Click Slot

Yes it works, thank you:)

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