Rendering in Ableton

i have my track set up as in most of the tutorials ie my impulse for the drums have been seperated into different channels ie kick, snare etc.

These are then routed throgh to the master with various effects on the master.

If i render each track do these render dry or will they render with the effect on the master channel.

i presume any effects added to each channel will be rendered with the audio but was wondering if the master had any effect on this.

Hope this makes sense.


they should only render with the master FX if you are rendering from that channel… if you are rendering separately by selecting the track in the render option they wont be effected.

Thanks Phil,

Does that mean that if i have effects plugins on say track 2 and i only render track 2 the pluigns would effect the rendered audio?

Basically i’m at the stage were i have a number of midi tracks that are overloading the cpu - i want to bounce them down to audio and then load them back into my set up.

I wanted to make sure that the rendered loops were dry so that when i load them back in the effects are not happeing twice.

you could freeze the track the grb the part and drop it on an empty audio track… quicker than rendering out and importing back in.

alternatively you could respample… set an audio tracks input to the output of your track then just record.

you could do both with the FX on or off


Top man!!!