Renew subcription

Hows it goin?

Id like to renew my account but my paypal account is limited.(they want photocopies of the card, a utility bill and photo id to lift the limitation off the account and honestly I just don’t feel comfortable sending all this information to ANYBODY.

Can I pay for my subscription outside of paypal?

I think you can put a credit card direct in to paypal if you dont log in.


Its like paypal reads the credit card number and knows its its linked to a limited account…

Im not even sure why the limitation was put on the account…

And paypal wont tell me anything until they verify my account with the information they asked for…which is fair enough imo but very annoying at the same time.

yeah it happened to me a while ago… it happens if you put your password in wrong a few times.

i got it sorted pretty quickly… think they just sent a code message to my home phone.

Did you have to send them photo ID and proof of address??

The password thing makes sense actually because the date they asked for all this crap coincides with the last time I let somebody else use my paypal account and the said it didn’t work.

think i just had to do the phone thing… think my account may have already been verified through my bank so maybe thats why i didnt need all the other stuff?

Its a nightmare really,

Would ye take a cheque for my subscription haha only messin.

So there’s no other way of paying by credit card outside of PayPal then?

no other way of paying… sorry… do you not have any mates with a paypal or credit card could maybe help you out?

Finally found someone who trusts me with their credit card so I should be subscribed again by the end of the day…

Whoooo whoooo

Cant effin wait to see what Iv missed.