[REQUEST] Even longer sub length, please?

When I’m making trap-like kicks for a 62.5bpm kind of speed, which is pretty common for the style, the maximum 3 seconds isn’t nearly long enough to make a kick ring out for a whole bar.

I realise it might be a problem for the GUI design, but is there any way we could get an increase on this in a future update? Or even an additional setting for keytracking, so that the keytracking respected not only the pitch but also stretched the end section of the kick to fit whatever note length you put in?

Hey @Doubleclick1

This is beside your request but have you tried to play with the “AMP” envelope nodes ? Like with the “PITCH” envelope you could increase the length to 300ms and play with the envelope nodes to increase & design the tail of your kick.

Thanks for the reply!

Unless I’m missing something, you can’t use Amp to extend the sound anywhere beyond the setting in Pitch, and the Length setting is common to both.

Yes, right about the common length settings between Pitch & Amp ( sorry if my words were confusing ), but in Amp, you can play with the sub oscillator amplitude ( like an ADSR envelope ) and increase the kick tail that way, which I thought could help for this kind of kick sound design.

Again that was just a hint besides your request, SA staff will be reading your request anyway :wink: