Request for additional subscriber only section in Forum

Just wondering if anyone else would be interested in adding their support for a private subscribers only section forum area here at SA. In addition to the other ones.

For example right now I am working on a project in Ableton and I’d like to release it to payed up subscribers only. Basically its an harmonic playground a bit like a poor mans Improvisator but mainly aimed as a music theory teaching tool or scratch pad for users that are having problems understanding some of basic theory behind chord progressions.

Its in its very early stages right now and just deals with the C major harmonic scale but I hope to expand upon it to include all the scales as and when time will allow. Even in its current form its quite good and useful (even to me) when a have one of my creative blocks. Which seems to happen a lot lately :smiley:

Anyway I think such an area would allow us to swap patches, useful midi files etc

There’s actually loads of uses it could be put to which would add support to this site and give us that warm smug feeling :smiley: that we the paid up members have something a little extra and who knows those who are thinking about joining SA would have slightly more incentive to join aswell.?

Its just an idea right now.

Anyone with me or am I just being selfish bstard? lol

i for one think this is one of the best ideas i’ve seen on here in a while, i am willing to upload any and all patches i create for sylenth, vanguard, v-station, and all overs. but im not gonna do it so that the people not paying can just come on and leach the files with out contribution

Solid idea !!


count me in!


Score two for Krome!

Well thought out brotha!!!

i think its a brilliant idea :smiley:

the majority of other forums have this to stop people leaching and not contributing the the forum and i for one think it would be great for sa and is deffinatly the way forward!!!

sounds good

  • 1:)

Thanks for the support guys.

I guess I should now leave it in the hands of the SA team to see if they think its

a good idea or not and if it can be implemented.

The thread is here if they care to read it if not everything is still cool.


Yes yes yes, the best idea I’ve heard all year!