Request: Fully featured Drum Sound-Design VST

Hello dear Sonic Academy Team.

I was very happy when I discovered Kick 2. Drum sound design is a subject
that fascinates me a lot and Kick 2 is a unique product in that way.
Therefore, would you like to ask if Sonic Academy could develop a VST
instrument that makes it easy to create all kinds of electronic drum sounds
from scratch using sound synthesis? In the vein of Kick 2 but extended for
snare, claps & snaps, hi-hats, cymbals, toms, percussions, etc.?

Drum sound design is a rather obscure thing - at least that’s how I’ve
found it so far. On YouTube you can hardly find tutorials in which drum
sounds are created on sample pack level. And most of the approaches you see
are very small-scale and time-consuming. A VST instrument with which you
can easily create all kinds of electronic drum sounds does not exist on the
market yet! Maybe such an instrument could be extended with FM and physical
modeling modules besides typical subtractive synthesis methods.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Many greetings

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