Request - Please ! ANA2 Arpeggiator as Standalone midi effect plugin

Firstly I love ANA2. It’s an eye openingly brilliant synth at a great price. Other manufacturers should be taking note. I always find myself coming back back to it.

My favourite feature is the Arpeggiator. It does the Cthulu thing but in my opinion its better as its easier to create longer patterns than 1 bar. It’s a truly inspiring feature.

My problem. I mainly use hardware synths and I would love to have ANA2 Arpeggiator as a standalone plugin to control them. Especially for someone like myself who’s music theory sometimes is a bit lacking.

I’d personally pay the full ANA2 price again for this. It would likely be my most used plugin.

Please make it happen!

Hey there @Modular1

Don’t know if there’s anything planned about this, anyway S.A team checks the forums for new requests as well as features requests. So they’ll be reading about this one too :wink:

Have you tried to send Midi Out from ANA 2 as a workaround ?

When using ANA 2 VST plugin ( it won’t work with the AU plugin if you’re on a Mac ), it’s possible to send Midi Out to another Midi track, depending on your DAW you should be able to send Midi to an External Instrument as well and just mute the audio output from ANA 2 channel.

It might be an alternative to use ANA 2 Arpeggiator as well as the CMD Midi features to send Midi to your external synths, it all depends of your DAW and synth features for sending/receiving Midi and the way to set it up with your DAW but Midi Out from ANA 2 works when using the VST.

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I switch between Ableton and Logic but I prefer Logic when I’m writing more melodic tracks. I’m currently using Logic so I’m not sure how to do that. I know in ableton you can route it how you like with vst. I know Logic is AU only. Logic has dedicated slots now before the Instrument in the channel strips that you can place midi effects like the ones in Reaktor, Cthulu and Scaler 2.

I hope they do release a standalone version. It’s just too good to be glued to Ana2 (as great a synth as it is).

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