right, so i’ve resampled a big main riff i’ve made including the reverb etc so i can chop it

up. but when you compare the 2 versions, the resampled 1 loses its dynamics a little.

are there any tips or techniques to get it back?? or is it just a case of a slight EQ boost

here and there??

Are you resampling with fx on the master channel?

resampling the overall master sound but the FX is on the return tracks

i mean, dont get me wrong it still sounds almost as good. theres just a little dynamics

and body that gets lost

If you are resampling with mastering on then you will effectively be passing it through twice. Turning mastering off when resampling is better. I also tend to turn return fx off too.

theres nothing on the master phil. just a reverb on a return channel goin into the big riff.

the riff is then solo-ed and an audio channel set up to resample the riff and the reverb.

the thing is i need to resample it with the verb in order to chop it up the way i want to.

so should i just give it a few boosts here and there to try and get the dynamics back?

or maybe some compression and limtitng? or double or triple up the resampled version?

Resampling shouldnt change the sound if the routing is right… And there are bo difference in the fx of the 2 channels.

Do you have them grouped with fx on the group or anything?

the riff is 3 sylenth sounds grouped with some send going into a reverb then solo-ed and recorded into an audio. audio is set to master to capture the reverb

Is there a reason your putting fx like reverb on before resampling, I would of thought it would be better to use the reverb on the audio after you have resampled especially if in the mixing stage you want to change the reverb at all?

Im gonna chop the audio sample up nathan so i need the verb on it. Keeping the midi channels though, just incase i do wish to change the reverb.

The thing is, if u dont have reverb on when u resample and then u send some reverb from the audio sample to a return channel, when ya do chop it up your gonna have that reverb tail rather than th sound instantly stoppin, which is what im after