Resource packs

hello ,

great site guys , i’m new to all this so i’ve got a few noob questions ,

1, when i download the resource packand i unzip the folder , (winrar) i always get a message on the clipboard thing saying some files are broken , is this normal ? i’m running windows 7, and the file which are broken are mac osx , so is this because i’m on windows that it says this ?

2, where should i put the resource file once i’ve downlaoded it , i’ve been extracting them ( i mean one he he !) to my desk top then i have been open the abl. files from there but i always get a message at the bottom ablenton in red saying media files missing. so i then drag the sample folder from the resouce pack on to the window in ablenton where u can search for the missing files , it then scans the folder and only finds half the samples,

is there any where that i can put the folder so that ablenton will load all samples n banks in one click ? so i just click on abl file " drums and precc eq" and then it will load all the stuff needed for that module ?


Yeah the winrar error is normal… its because of the mac directory files. Just ignore it.

Yeh the missing files thing is slightly annoying… its usually drum rack that doesn’t remember the proper file structure.

the way you re solving the problem is spot on.

f*&k that was a fast reply !! thanks for the quick response !!! sweet as mate,