Reverb in returns

is it good to put compression on you returning reverb? or bad to pronounce it to much. i feel like its sounds better to just let it be with out giving it compression and eq.

Anyone have some suggestions?

I’ve honestly tried having templates with delays & reverbs already set up… but I suppose I haven’t found a couple of settings that I want to go with all the time.

But I do I tend to have a short plate reverb on a send & might send a few bits to it.

Maybe a Long Hall one too. Theres some really nice plates & halls, well everything… in space designer in Logic. Thats what I use.

I dont put compression after reverb unless I’m sidechaining it.

I will put a compressor after a reverb on a channel (as an insert)… if I’m trying to destroy a sound & not worried about the lack of subtlety.

Mainly though, I find I’m sticking reverbs all over the place, on individual channels & adding a bit of wet to the signal. Sometimes I might copy the settings & put it on the reverb on another channel. They could/should all probably go on the same send channel, but I dont always do it.

I’ll always EQ after - Always taking most of the lo’s off & usually a bit off the top.

You know what, it really depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

I personally don’t put a compressor after my reverb (unless it’s a sidechain), but I have done once before because i liked the way it effected my reverb sound.

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this.

thanks to both. it makes a lot of sense im really starting to realize a lot of production is trial and error. thanks again.

I love the SPL Mo-Verb. Also its always handy to put a filter on after your verb on the return to cut out any frequencies that you dont want affected. Compression is another way to just enhance your verb and sidechain compression after the verb also gives some really cool effect. Tbh on return tracks you can be really creative and you have alot of controle over your FX. A great little return ive made to enhance sounds is a saturator with the warm up lows preset, one with the warm up highs preset, A filter cutting out everything below 60hz. Try it out and let me know what you think! The possibilities are endless.

+1 on adding a filter after your effects!