Reverse Delay Effect

First im so happy to be a member in sonicacademy really i like that and thx for all djs producer and all people work in sonic academy :slight_smile:

my question about a very important effect really all the big and pro djs and producer use it in there tracks its [size=3]Reverse Delay Effect[/size] how can we do this effect using abaleton or reason this is a link for the people who dont knew what im talking about this is a link to youtube to heart this effect and knew what is .thx friends


that link dont work

but i think i know what you mean

chop the first letter of a word from some vox, put a big long reverb on it, bounce that down to audio, then reverse it

u’ll then get that kind of drag effect i think your after

thx you paulhale for the reply i will try to do what you told me but i hope if we have a tuto from sonicacademy for that that will be nice because its a very importante effect in electro.

As paulhale said above the easiest way is to indeed set up the track you want with the appropriate delay on it then bounce the track out as audio (or freeze and flatten it in Ableton) then simply reverse the audio. This is the way I’ve done it in all my tracks!

thx you for the replay but really i dont knew how video tuto about theat its will be nice to make us how to do this importante effect