Rewiring Logic Pro to Abelton Live vs Rewiring Abelton Live to Logic Pro! Are there any added benefits to using either approach?

depends what your aiming for… a lot of people are really just looking to use Logics mixer and FX on Ableton arrangements or Live Sessions.

Hey Phil

Is Logic’s mix sound that much better? I’ve been considering doing this for a while.

Hmm its not so much the mixer its more people like the effects.

some nice reverbs eqs and compressors.

ah ok I see. You’re not selling it to me! :wink:

To be honest, I think it’s the simple fact that no one has a really compelling reason to do it that’s stopped me from doing so.

Besides, with the Ableton 9 announcement I think I’m finally convinced to stop considering it as I’d rather wait till it’s out and upgrade rather than go to the trouble of getting my head around Logic too.

Are their technical differences as to how each of them perform doing it either way? In your experience, is one way better than the other?

Different ways of doing same things.