I would love to see a comprehensive tutorial on rhythm in music production. Not the basics or typical subdivisions but how rhythm is practically implemented in modern EDM and Trance music production.
For example: chord rhythm, arpeggio development, genres and styles, transitions, typical bass lines, melody principles, syncopation, rhythm Q&A phrases, steps or sequences, rhythm layering, looping. If possible a video or two on how rhythm affects lyrics and lyrics integration in simple music production.

No need for complex examples just simple beginner guide for us newbies to get us going in right direction.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for posting your tutorial request :wink:

Have you already check those courses ?

Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory with Graham Ginty → Video 7

A Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory - Rhythm Part 1

Music Theory Rhythm in Dance Music Intermediate Course

Obviously I didn’t. :blush:
Anything about trance arpeggio construction, rhythm Q&A phrases, chord rhythms and transitions that I missed from courses catalogue?

Thanks for links. :+1:

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You can check those 2 courses as well :wink:

Transitions with Haterade

Arrangement Special

For Chords & Arp , there’s also turorials and you will find many courses videos from complete tutorials covering how it’s made within a track.

Suggest you navigate to the All Courses Page and then use the Magnifier Icon ( Top Right of the web page ) to refine your search with Keywords → Just type in Chords or Arp in there to see results.

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Thank you very much.

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No worry, you’re welcome !

Hope this helps :sunglasses:

And oops ! → just editied my post, the Magnifier Icon is Top-Right of the web page, not left…

Having issue to center myslef in space today it seems :joy: :crazy_face: