Riddle me this


im confused.com slightly. when im using a compressor and i got it set up for just maybe a few db of reductions at say 2:1 ratio… if i then keep everything the same but change it to 10:1 the db reduction goes to 0… i thought the higher the ration the more compression…?

its not just ratio, it has to do with where you set your threshold as well.

but i aint changed the threshold, just the ratio…?

that’s funny, what compressor is that?

does it have a knee setting, where is that at?

Mate type in google audio compression and READ. I cba going through this with your vague descriptions.

someones had a drink. its ok, i was the same after my first half shandy.

the ssl g master bus comp plug in

I’m not sure but if I had to guess I’d say that changing ratio changes Knee slop as well, so with very little gain reduction at 4:1, changing to 10:1 produces no reduction, because of the gentler slope.

do I win anything?

you are jpgetty2win after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of worrying about the gain reduction just LISTEN to what its doing to the sound. For example if i put a compressor on something and it made it sound amazing do you rally think im gonna sit there and worry about GR lol?