Ridley Scott / Philip K.D!ck

So… Heard that Ridley Scott is making a TV series based on another of Philip K.D!ck’s Books - The Man in the High Castle.

He did Aliens, of course & what was that other one, eh… Blade Runner!! :cool:

D!ck wrote stories that turned into films like, Total Recall :hehe:, Minorty Report, A Scanner Darkly (directed by Richard Linklater - School of Rock, Dazed & Confused, Fast Food Nation). Its going to be on BBC and I read that the script is being done by the guy that did Spooks.


I’ve read the book… its set post WWII - 15years later-ish.

The Nazi’s & Jap’s have won… and theres now a cold war between them.

Theres a book within the book, thats banned, which is about what would have happened if the allies won the war. So thats the science fiction bit, the alternative realities stuff coming out.

Thats just the backdrop… theres lots of other things going on, but it should be a pretty fkn unique bit of TV, both visually & in terms of story.

Either that or it’ll be fkn sh!t! :hehe: Not usually into series on TV usually… but Philip K.D!ck is a bit of a legend in his field.


this sounds like a really cool show.

New Details On The ‘Alien’ Prequel From Ridley Scott:



Wow… If they get more of the original Vibe of the 1st movie back… then fkn cool.

Saw a book once of the set designs by yerman Giger - all the original drawings.

Incredible stuff. The detail & imagination were amazing.

Nice that theres a comment about stepping away from the blockbuster / action side of things.

Nice find ICN, yeah remember reading the book a long time ago - always liked ****'s style of writing with emphasis on the little man in a fcked up world - though apart from Blade Runner I can not think of another film of his books I really liked

I actually have the Giger book too somewhere in a box - totally brilliant stuff - and look forward to Scott’s new film too - hope it keeps closer to the original film as well and not tainted by Hollywood

Oh while I am here any one a Lovecraft fan as a new film version of The Whisperer in Darkness is out in a few months, and Bleak Sea which is based on a very early short story


Now I would be the first to say most Lovecraft films have been awful as the horror in his books is all about what you don’t see which Hollywood has always found difficult to do - where Jap horror seems to capture - stll both these films i have high hopes for