Roben - Theez Kidz

Fun, bouncy, funky, jacking, whatever you want it to be really.

Just good time cheeky House music.

Hope you like it.

Roben - Theez Kidz by DJRoben

Well you know its not my sorta thing but its sounds spot on mate :slight_smile:

dats a funker and a half!

Good tune mate, now get it signed :slight_smile:

Its about time you pulled your finger out and knocked out one of them floor fillers lol!! As always Rob love the tune liking the change of direction and the funkyness of the track. It definetly had me tapping my foot - thats all i can do these days too old now lol:D

Cheers guys!! :slight_smile:

Was actually really nervous to what you’d all think to be honest. That’s put a smile on my face.


I really like the groove of this track did you use some sort of groove template or did you just move the sounds about?

I took a groove I liked from a loop in my sample / loop library and then extracted it using Ableton.

The I just applied it to pretty much everything and adjusted the quantise setting a bit in the groove window. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Rob. Ive been messing about with grooves quite a lot at the minute to try and get a good feel but i’m struggling a little. Ive ended up using a 25% swing thing in guru then re-sampling then extracting the groove and adding to my other parts. I think i’m finally getting somewhere - the swing and funkyness of your track as inspired me.:slight_smile:

Good **** Rob! … Funky agrees with you! :wink:

thats some pretty good stuff mate, thats defo gettin signed

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I shown the label I signed a couple of tracks too already with and they like it a lot, said they’ll sign if i can make remix or another track to go along with it so that’s kinda cool, will have to get cracking on something!