Robert Hood / "Classic Techno" / "Minimal Techno"

Hi there,

I think having a tutorial about Robert Hood’s style of techno would be really amazing.

This guy is the guy who almost invented “Minimal Techno” (have a look at his mighty “Minimal Nation”) but who keep his sound really techno.

He keeps being a symbol of “Detroit Techno” but his tracks are played by almost everyone from the techno and tech house scene.

  • From the Detroit guys like Carl Craig, Derrick May, Jeff Mills
  • From the techno guys from Europe like Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, …
  • There are House DJs playing his tracks too

The point is that his sound is called “Minimal Techno” but has nothing to do with the “modern minimal techno” (which is totally soulless in my opinion); if I wanna listen to some “real classic techno” then Robert Hood is my choice. He keeps topping the techno charts because his tracks destroy a dancefloor but you still hear that “oldschool” feeling in them which is what most of the techno lovers are looking for !

The goal would be to be able to create some oldschool techno stabs / chords; with a minimal but really banging and groovy rhythmic… :slight_smile:

can you drop in some youtube or soundcloud examples?

Of course !

This one as example has been one of the most charted tracks in ResidentAdvisor, while being played by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims, Carl Craig, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, …

(no chord/stab there but the spirit is here)

Some others :


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Hi Bryan,

Did you find some time to listen to these examples?


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I´d like to see something like that too :slight_smile:

Nothing out there in the tutorial universe - will be a unique thingy for you sonicacademy guys!

@bryan_spence - what do you think? :grin:

I love Robert Hood. Hes one of those Techno producers that has a hint of soul in his techno. He has the Detroit sound on point.