Rolling vocal (texture) in techno

Guys, I’ve been thinking of trying a kind of rolling vocal effect that’s fairly well used in techno. A good example is in this Loco & Jam track - A Pinch of Spice - you can hear it at 1:36. Any ideas on the guys did it?


I’m sure there are loads of ways to do it, but I would get the vocal sample (one beat long) and repeat it for as long as you want the effect. Put a high pass filter on to make the vocals sound more airy - what ever sounds good but around 500-1000hz. Then reverb, with a relatively short decay (under 1sec) but with the wet mix fairly high. Then some autopanning, so that it goes from left to right every bar or so. To create motion you can then automate the various parameters above (as well as gain).

As I said there are probably many ways to get the sound, but I got something fairly close in a few minutes by doing the above. The other obvious tool would be some sort of stereo / ping pong delay, but with the vocal effect lasting for so long the feedback on the delay would have to be huge! But adding stereo delay anyway would create some more motion so worth playing around with.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: .

Great effect by the way, thanks for posting - I’m definitely going to use it more often! Just been playing around with the reverb decay time, the reverb mix, and the cutoff on the filter and you can get some great motion on the sound!

Thanks Will. I was probably over thinking it, so your solution sounds useable. I’ll give it a go when I get a chance and post the results!

No worries - good luck!

Listening to it again I think rather than an autopanner, you can get closer by panning the original vocal on every beat slightly to the right (with EQ and reverb), with then a bus send to a ping pong delay with the wet mix on full (1/8 pinging left first). Then there is another high pass filter either on the delay itself or on the bus channel, with the cut off higher than the original vocal to get that faded effect.

Hey Will,

This video helps a lot with a pretty close version -