Room Treatment Results

Hey SA users! I recently purchased some Focal 6be monitors and decided to do some room treatment to get the most from the monitors in my 10’x12’x9’tall room. I figured it would be good to share my findings on this forum as the absorbers tutorial was very helpful explaining how to measure things…especially if you are on a mac…

I used GIK absorbers and Room EQ Wizard to take measurements along with a Check Mate CM-140 SPL meter. Below are the before and after results but I must say the biggest thing I learned from the experiments I conducted is that the speakers wanted to be near the front walls whereas the listener needed to be towards the middle of the room. GIK’s Bryan Pape helped me come to that conclusion. Bass was a huge improvement then. My monitors are now being used more like mid-field speakers and I’ve ditched the desk stands.

At first I had some of the absorbers overlapping the windows but my wife did not approve at all. Since I live in Southern California and don’t mix too loud, it turns out leaving the windows open when mixing is the best solution for me. But I have it setup so I can cover a critical window in the winter or I will just leave it alone and deal with it.

Anyway, I think the better bass result is more based on monitor/desk placement but I do know the absorbers help quite a bit with the ringing of the room (see impulse and waterfall plots). I’m glad I did it and I especially love how the GIK tri-traps look in the corner, not to mention the Focals are brilliant and so tight! I may get a sub in the future though.

Any feedback? I’d love to hear about results from others as well…

I had almost identical peaks and troughs… Bust be similar room shape.

As you mentioned listening position is so crutial. Moving back or forward 12 inches makes such a difference for me. I was initilaly more central and found the sweet spot a bit closer to the speakers.

After doing everything i find it much easier to work for longer periods without getting frustraited.

Hi Phil are you using a sub with your setup? I’m wondering if you have experience to share with using a sub in a small room…

No sub… Had considered it. Im getting a good amount out of my mackies so it’s not a real prob. I’m moving in to a custom built room in a few months so might add one then as the room is a bit bigger.