Room Tuning Question

So I finally bit the bullet and got a set of Genelec 8040A’s. I used to use PC speakers. Holy sh*t do these make a difference. Thing is, my studio room’s about the same size as Harry Potters, L shaped with hard surfaces everywhere. I’m eventually gonna get some form of acoustic treatment but for now I’ve got the IK Arc plug in (Which I don’t really like) and the calibrated microphone. If I used the Arc system to get the mic set at the right volume then chinned Arc off and just sat the mic in the listening position, ran white noise through the speakers and put a Spectrum Analyser on the mic channel, using the EQ switches on the back of the monitors could I get an accurate setting if i just EQ’d until I had a flat reading from the white noise? Thought I’d run it past you lot incase there’s anything I’m missing. Cheers lads

not really… that will only be dealing with the direct sound which isnt really the problem… ARCs calibration uses sweeps at different positions to build a picture of your rooms reverb characteristics and trys to fix
I tried it before and didnt like it either although i could understand what it was doing and it did try to give the mackies that i was using at the time more mid which i knew they
i think ARC and similar room correction plugins are good for the last 5% but you need a fairly well sorted room for them to work at their
if you have a calibrated mic did you try Room EQ wizzard and do any measurements yourself?

Yeah, good point. I thought I had that all figured out there aswell. Damn. Just looked at Room EQ wizard, I can see the programme itself is free but once I take the measurements and have to send the analysis files off, is that when they charge? Or is it all free? The forum looks a bit chaotic, couldn’t find any info on that. Thanks for the help Phil

Yeah its all free or was last time i looked. Set it up and give it a
The waterfall graph is particularly usefull.

I use ARC2 in my untreated room for now, It did give a big difference in terms of flatness of the sound, I really like the difference and it did help my mixes to translate to other systems but It is not replacement for acoustic treatment, I am planning to make some Bass traps and buy some diffusors soon for my room. I think ARC2 and Room Treatment together works wonders. br
Only ARC2 even helped me a lot.

Sound, I’ll get straight on that cheers Phil. I’ve only used Arc (The first one) so far, I don’t think I’m gonna upgrade unless I get the room sorted and somethings still bothering me. Thing with my room is, I stand in the middle of it and everything below about 60hz almost disappears. But I stand against the back wall and it’s like I’m in Godskitchen. It’s ridiculous. Just gonna have to try and make good use of spectrum analysers for now. Oh, one thing to check with Arc when your using it Maven, stick a utility plug in before it on your master and make your mix mono. When you switch it on, does it affect the stereo image of your mix? The old one used to

I will check it out and let you know. Technically, it should change your stereo imagining when you make your mix mono if you use ARC or not tho.

Yeah I know, it shouldn’t but thats one thing I noticed with it. I can’t even remember why or how I noticed but I made my mix mono and fed it through Arc and the left and right channels started fluctuating. I mean, it wasn’t even noticeable (but I was using PC speakers back then) but you never know how far down the frequency range it’s messing with the stereo image. Then again, you take Arc off when you bounce your track down anyway, I’ve just remembered so it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Bit of pointless information really ha…