Root Key

Does anyone know if there is a program which can automatically find out the root key of a certain sample / audio / vocal that you have?

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hey roben , reasons nnxt has a detect root by pitch detection function so does hallion i think .

im sure if you look on the net there will be freebie programs you could find !:slight_smile:

u could use the spectral analyser in ableton

[quote]dazed_and_confused (11/13/2009)[hr]u could use the spectral analyser in ableton[/quote]

I am not sure about that.

I thought the analyzers job was to deal with frequency not pitch/key detection.?

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I know you aint gonna like it dude but the best tool for the job is your ears.

Anyway are you trying to find the root note of a given scale used in a bit of music or trying to figure out the key it was written in or both?

If its key detection you could try ‘mixed in key’

[url][/url] Harmonic scale mixing.

You could use GTune or some similiar form of tuning plug-in. Loop a part that is playing only one note ( I’d try the bass, as this will be perdominantly playing the root of any given chord). Strap on a tuner and it will show you what note is being played. You can use that to pick apart the progression, and use that to figure out the key.

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Well guys ok basically it’s not for anything actually in particular, it’s just for example i may get parts given to me for a remix and rather than having to press my keys to find the root note, i was hoping there would be something i could run and it would just instantly tell me the root key it’s playing in.

Lazy mans program as it were :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give those ideas a whirl.

dazed_and_confused, the Spectrum only shows the frequency not the key?

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hey rob , spectrum does actually  read freq and key the highest peak you can see on a given track is the fundamental in ableton if you hova over the highest peak that WILL give you the root key of that given sample ? :slight_smile:

If you google for frequency vs notes or something like that you should find a website that converts frequency in hz to musical notes. eg

Frequencies of Musical Notes, A4 = 440 Hz

Then look for a big peak down near the bottom of the spectrum. Hold the mouse over it to read off the frequency. Might at least give you an idea.

I was thinking for single hits tho. Might be able to use it on individual chords or bass notes, dunno.

Might be better off trying to reproduce it on the keyboard or sequencer yourself or something.

f****ck! You learn something new every day :smiley:

I didn’t notice that the spectrum gave you the key as well, that’s awesome! Cheers guys, legends :D:D:D:D:D

you could try rapid evolution imo it’s as good as mixed in key but its free