Rough with the smooth

hi guys

today started off real good. the shares i invested in and gave you heads up about rocket and i made £1500 profit…

then at 2pm some piece of sh!t scumbag motherless f()ck stole my iphone 4…

BUT  i have an app called cylay (which is superb btw) that allowed me to control my phone from the laptop at work… so i stopped it being allowed to turn off… set off an alarm… and when he looked at the phone to see wtf was going on… i took a photo of him. say CHEESE!

i think i might post his photo on here tomorrow for you to see the dirty f()ck! ive seen him about near work before so ill have the cnt very soon. the police and security where i work have the photo too… hahaha you can run but you CNT hide!!!

phones backed up and insured, so if my insurer dont play games i should get a new one and just restore it to my back up file from my pc here at home. but you know what insurance companies are like… :@

Sh!t about your phone Mate… But great about that App.

Wow. Thats really cool. But still, sorry about it getting robbed :slight_smile:

Throw the photo up - Would love to see that!

haha that’s awesome! (not about the phone gettin nicked, but about the win and the app).

Post it up!

Kinda reminds me of the time some idiots jacked Howies house and stole his macbook, then he got their photo and put it up on here for us all to see haha :laugh:


Fair play and great app

ye guys superb app. def worth the £10 a YEAR! lol

i tracked the fu cker all the way out of my work place and to where he dumped the phone into a bottomless pit on a building site … cos the alarm was going off and he couldnt stop it. took a photo bout an hour later and all i could see was snow… went to the area on the google map where it said it was but couldnt find it… it was ringing but traffic about and couldnt hear it. :@

the photo is on the laptop at work ill post it up tomorrow without doubt :wink:

Hopefully it will teach him to not bother stealing Apple products.

I’ve gotta hand it to Apple in that respect, some nifty tools which enables you to get back at crime.

I’ve gotta ask though… did he pick pocket you or what?

na man… i work in an art gallery and at the back of the gallery ive got my desk… i was staring at the phone alllll day on my desk watching the share price… it was about 10" away from my hand on my desk… someone spoke to me… i walk about 3 feet away to my coat to get some money to go get a cup of tea… turned round and itd gone off the desk… i saw him walk in tho and thought i know this pr!ck… i dont trust him… soon as i saw itd gone i guessed it was him… then i took a photo and… yep… him lol

Get the lads together and jump the f*cker.

Smash him over the head with one of the pictures your displaying :slight_smile:

On second thoughts maybe not :hehe:

what i think is amazing is you made £1500 :smiley:

next time he comes in im gonna be the fonz… be cool… hi how are you… good good… love the outfit etc etc… then press the silent alarm and have 30 security come smashing thru the doors. THATS THE MOTHER***CING PIECE OF SH!T! TAKE HIM DOWN! :smiley: get the old bill in too. cuff him and press full charges. hes going doooooooown :stuck_out_tongue:

that is freaking amazing!

So here we have the lovely gentleman that stole my iphone 4 yesterday… WHAT A C*NT!

why is it making this bad noise??? what shall i do…??? SAY CHEESE MOFO! HAHA hes going down!

Classic :smiley:

Hope he does the right thing & smuggles some lube in to prison.

I know I shouldn’t sterotype people but he doesn’t look like the type of person you’d expect in an art gallery - maybe at a Millwall match :smiley:

what i thinks funny is he doesnt know the photo was taken… cant wait for him to come back in soon. which he will the f*ck. he wont know whats hit him.

Have you handed it to the police?

ye man the police have it, the local security have it, my friends at the newspaper have it, the local cafe have it… everyone has it. the dudes more famous than david beckham round my way at the minute lol

[quote]jpgetty2win (23/12/2010)[hr]ye man the police have it, the local security have it, my friends at the newspaper have it, the local cafe have it… everyone has it. the dudes more famous than david beckham round my way at the minute lol[/quote]

Nice one