Routing audio from the computer to the speakers

Hi all, I’m a complete newbie but yes, I reached the point where after messing around for a while with Live, Logic and Reason I started to think that programming and mixing is really good fun.

At the moment my set up is pretty basic, a Mac, a midi controller and a pair of inexpensive monitors, directly plugged to the computer’s headphone jack.I feel it a bit awkward [left][/left]:hehe:

My question is if I’m not that bothered about record Audio or play External MIDI devices, What’s the best way to route the audio signal from my computer to the monitors? . For the moment I just work with internal sources and plugs shaping and programming midi…

If someone wants to drop a piece of advice…would be great…

I’d like to know this too. I have pretty much the same set up (Launchpad and LPD-8 running through Macbook, Studiophile AV40’s connected through the headphone jack).

I hear that an external soundcard does the trick, but (audio junkies forgive me), is it really better to run it through the soundcard? What actually sounds better?

One school of thought is that if you are all digital (in the box) then a new audio interface isn’t really necessary if it’s not limiting you in terms of connectivity and latency etc.

If you are running powered speakers direct from your mac’s internal soundcard, via the headphone port, I don’t see any real problem with that.

There are other benefits to a dedicated sound card, like processing power etc, but for a small simple solution, what your doing is fine.

I worked with my Window’s machine’s shoddy internal soundcard for ages and it didn’t really hinder me