Routing the Sidechain kick to an Aux

Hi there, I’ve just been watching the new videos from Chris Agnelli on Progressive trance and I’ve got a question about the way he route the sidechain kick drum.

Firstly, he sets up an Ultrabeat track with the kick drum that he will use to activate the compressor. So far so good. Then he says he’s going to send that kick drum to a bus/aux track. But I noticed that rather than sending the kick to the bus/aux output by using the I/O options, he sets the output to ‘no output’ and then uses the ‘Sends’ to send it to the Bus. Why is this? Is there any difference in doing it this way?

Thanks, Olly

He uses Logic if I’m not mistaken, so can’t really get into detail on that, but I actually do more or less the same.

One track named SKick holds the same kick as the track with the original kick.

The SKick will be set only to send. So it plays, but you can’t hear it. Only the signal is passed on to all tracks that have SKick as sidechain channel.

Hope this makes a bit of sense to you.