rp6 / rp8

Ok apologies this topic has come up a few times but I’m still torn really, do I go for the KRK rp6’s or the KRK rp8’s?

My studio is very small, you’d fit a double bed in here and there’d be no floor space apart from where the door opens…

So on that basis I think to myself that maybe the rp8’s arn’t going to be right, but then I still want to get a good bass response which really i’m only going to get with an 8", so it’s actually annoying me because on one hand there is this and on another hand there is that, i’m so torn.

Would the rp6’s with a seperate sub be a better option perhaps? I don’t want the rp5’s, they have those at college and i don’t like them.

Why not the 5’s?

I have the 8s… I live in an apartment and have terrible acoustic treatment so I mostly monitor through headphones and dont get to use them as much as I would like. However when I am needing to track my kicks and low end, They do an excellent job of producing the thud and sub of my kicks.

I will say that they are big… so if you are in need of space, I would go with the smaller pair and a sub (probably what I would have done hindsight) but to each his own! Also, take my words with a grain of salt as I don’t have much to compare them to.

Roben. The 6’s are rated higher then the 8’s. The 6’s are flatter and have a better all around sound. Not worth the extra money IMO. I have the 5’s and they are great. I just got a sub today and thats awesome too, but you wouldn’t need a sub for what you make. Go with the 6’s dude.

Thanks H, another producer on facebook said the 6’s too for the music we make, apparently the mid level isn’t too good on the 8’s 'cos of the cone size?

Looks like it’ll be the 6’s then :smiley:

Yup…and you save money! Its a win win! :smiley:

Glad I could be of some help.

typo in my last post as I have the 6’s not 8’s :slight_smile:

Um … I have the 8’s and they are banging! :smiley:

i’ve got the 6’s roben and the low end is amazing on them.

i would highly recommend them

What happened to the 7’s - hey only asking :smiley:

Think it’s to do with the size of the cone Paul

[quote]Roben (22/02/2011)[hr]Think it’s to do with the size of the cone Paul[/quote]

I bet you say that too all the boys :slight_smile:

I have the 6’s and they’re awesome - my room is much bigger than yours and they work perfectly. I’d say the 8’s will be too heavy on the low end foe such a small room.

This really is about the size of your room. If its small then the 8s may be overkill.

Ordered the 6’s today.

I think you will be really happy mate i have the 6es too and my god are they nice sounding speakers.

wow that’s quick delivery! Dolphin Music rock!! They only got sent today and they’ve arrived already.