RQ Röyksopp - Vision One

So i RQ a tutorial on the Norwegian band Röyksopp’s song Vision One. Röyksopp are hardwere heads so all synths are hardwere, but if you can do this song with vst i would be suprised and extremly happy. Also as far as i know Röyksopp is very hard to remake, and then again if you can do this il be a sonic academy student for life :stuck_out_tongue:

Id try writing out a midi sequence with glide on, and then using a pretty low sawtooth wave, throwing a phaser on it, and then highpassing it through a filter, and from there see how it sounds and add effects depending. Dont have time to try it out, but I might tomorrow. Good Luck

Ok, Low sawtooth, i layered a few. Then Phaser to taste, then highpass around 1.00 khz with some resonance to taste. Then throw on a saturator (i used analog clip) and turn up the drive a tad. Sounds similar enough for you to take it from here.

If you listen at 1:47 you can hear how the bass sound is made… same idea as on the SHM bass where the kick speeds up to sound like a bass… then it sounds like a talk box (guitar effect where you use your mouth to control vowel sounds) or a vocoder or vowel filter on top.

Thanks, while my main PC is under some repairs and reinstal i cant work on my music. Still im in the stage were i suck and dont know “****”, So i was hoping for a video were you made it, But i thought i wouldn’t get what you were saying with all the “indeept hardcore” language of music, but just from reading i think i helped alot:)