Ryan signett - Tesla (Original Mix) Debut Release on Noys Music

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post this link on here as I have learned a great deal form the Training Videos on Sonic Academy, which has helped me get signed!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Sonic Academy!!

Enjoy and your feedback is welcome! :smiley:

Ryan Signett

Nice track Ryan. Well done mate.

yeah well done and congratz on the signing :slight_smile:

Wow, did u come from training and made this track straight away?!

Another question, did u master it yourself or did the record label take care of that?

Anyway, great track and good luck in the future!

Thanks Guys,

I have been producing for about 6 years on and off. So I used the videos on Sonic Academy to refresh and fill in the techniques I didnt know.

Im still learning but this year ive made a resolution that I would get signed and stop just tinkering around on Ableton. (You know stop and start projects and get no where)

Ive learnt to just stick with one project and keep with it until its finished :slight_smile:

Ive gained support from Mike Koglin, Roger Shah, M.I.K.E, Super 8 & Tab, Andy Moor, Jon O’Bir and more on Tesla.

So all it takes is time and determination to break through!! :wink:

Thanks again for your comments