S.A stuff should check members staff

i believe that it would be fair enough if S.A stuff was checking and providing any notes to the people who publish their music on forum “Tunes and Mixes” category.

This would help a lot, most of us, to improve and avoid some common mistakes.

I know that most of SA stuff do not have enough spare time but also the tracks that are on the this category are few!!

tks anyhow

it’s true but I think they’re hard busy…

And yet I think Monseleq has a good point about this.

Perhaps merely a once a month examination of newly submitted tracks would be all that it would take, with general feedback taking up no more than some bulletpoints or a paragraph. The artist could even emphasize what in particular about the track they want critiqued as most producers know the weak spots in their tracks, at least I do anyway.

If it got around the internet that Sonic Academy provided this kind of service then they would certainly get more traffic around their website and thus more subscriptions if amateur producers gained constructive feedback from their tracks (especially if the service was available to subscribers only).

And if the number of submissions got to high then they could pick two or three tracks that best illustrate a common mistake made in producing and highlight how it is corrected.

Certainly something to consider. :slight_smile:

the big problem with any thing like this is that it’s hard to criticize (constructive or not) someone’s track. the reason for this is that no one can tell you how your track is should or is supposed to sound. also your track could sound great to one person and crap to another.

maybe if people post tracks as a work in progress it would feel a bit less uncomfortable in terms of constuctive critisism perhaps then maybe it would be a good thing!

 I feel that people might gain from knowing the best parts of a track and the not so good parts of a track ?

maybe a works in progress section might help !

perhaps if people feel comfortable with it there could even be a collaboration or 2 anyway somthing to think about for the future perhaps :slight_smile:

Dear All,

Since we have joined an academy, this means that we are looking for knowledge.

We are “students” and SA crew are our “teachers”.

(something like “rock is my teacher and soul is my preacher!!!” :D:D:D:D)

If anyone is insulted by constructive criticism would be better not to publish his

tracks or to add the phrase “i am a pro, no comments and reviews are accepted” :P.

A feedback on main topic (eventhough my english are killing you!!haha) from SA crew would be highly appreciated.


hey guys

ok then - who’s up for submitting their track and we’ll get this rolling?


ok …

lets all agree on somthing, in order to help SA to have bigger traffic…

all the tracks to be reviewed should be uploaded at SA player of each member and not myspace or other…

is this acceptable???


we’ll run this on a trial basis to start with but to make it manageable there will need to be a few ground rules which we’ll need to sort out…

e.g. it’ll probably happen on one track a month to start with so that it doesn’t impact on our production schedule for our other videos and it will probably be a service only open to subscribers

let us have a think about the best way of doing this and we’ll put up a post about it!


sounds great.


Nice one Kev :smiley:

niiiiice, I love this idea. I think I should go first, you know, take the hit and all being the guinea pig :slight_smile: Heh