SA Ibiza 2011 - Sept

Ok so who’s in?

I’ve chosen Sept as not only is it cheaper over there, but it gives us all a good 9 months to save up!

Would be great if a lot of you could make it along, as you know there are massive techno nights, trance nights and house nights on the white isle, so something for everyone on this forum really!

Perhaps if there is enough of us we could even think about renting a villa for a week?

Me me me me me! Goes without saying really!!

haha yeah i knew you’d be going anyways, goes without saying really haha.

wheres our wee dutch friend, surely De Jong will be up for it…

Yeah i’m hoping Jan will be up for it!

Count me in lads, it would be a blinding Sonic get together and a +1 for the villa !

This would be truly very messy

[quote]Mussi81 (24/12/2010)[hr]This would be truly very messy[/quote]

Would you expect any other way? :wink:

Hmm a villa would sound like fun

lets ave it!

i would love to go just gotta see how i am with work. My job is busiest around the summer period :frowning:

Well you’re in luck, September is just after the summer period :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds good, are mac people allowed?

[quote]seanl (25/12/2010)[hr]sounds good, are mac people allowed?[/quote]

Only if you wear an I Love Bill Gates t-shirt :smiley:

Yes but you must wear diamonds

I do love bill gates, his os sucks but can’t knock him for trying :stuck_out_tongue: