SA inspired track

I joined SA just over three months ago and have been making steady progress. I have made a few tracks but this is the first I am quite pleased with. I know it’s only early days but it’s nice to feel like I’m making progress. Bug thanks to Phil and everyone else involved. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Well you probably know it is not my sound but you do have some cool grooves going on 0 you certainly need some breaks as more variation to bring things in and out

Have you tried loading a track you like into your DAW and analysing it

But you certainly have a track there - like everything needs time and work on it :wink:

Nice deep vibe. :slight_smile:

I really like the chord progression and the nice groove, although I agree it needs a few breaks or little details here and there. If you are going to play the same riff over and over (no matter how groovy it is) you need the little details to keep it flowing.

Thanks for your feedback.

That’s basically what I’m working on in my next track. I’m tying to alter it more by automating the synths up man down more and working on the drums by adding fills and changes.

Hopefully I’ll keep move forward!