SA World Cup Submissions

Some solid submissions guys, you should all be very proud of your work, i’ve not had a chance to listen to them all yet but it looks like i’m up against some very stiff competiton.

To be honest, i’d rather this kinda thing than a remix comp, it’s blatently so much more fun! I love this community and i’m going to vote fairly, so even if i know you or i dont know you, i’ll be judging each track based on the quality of the track and compaired against it’s selected rival.

I hope you enjoy my track also as much as i’ve been enjoying listening to yours.

Good luck to everyone.

Ditto to that. I’ll get a listen thru them all in a while when in the comfort of my bed :slight_smile:

I don’t know anyone on the board as far as I have seen so far, so you can guarantee I’ll be voting fair.

Good luck to all of you, and may the best Team/track combo win!

this is a double post but i spose i posted it in the wrong thread before so here it is again…

just been listening to the tracks… some are superb… good enough that id actually buy them off beatport… well done guys…

Germany ChokoDiscoManiac
England  bobbymurray

are just a couple ive heard that have stuck out. a few others too.  :smiley:

Agreed! Never thought I’d support Germany. 1966 World Cup re-match: England vs Germany. Typically I think Brazil has a good chance. Well done to everyone - some superb productions!!:w00t:

I’ve gotta say, just watched the draw and you guys (s.a) have done a quality job with this comp.

I don’t think I’ll win but I’m really looking forward to this

Yeah I agree all three of those that you mentioned are really good!

I’m a little sad that I didn’t have time to get the vocals that were made for my track put on in time for this as it makes the track 10 times better, the thing with instrumental tracks is they’ll always sound like somethings missing.

The vox are really beautiful, just not finished yet, still getting a couple of the verses perfect. Anyways, it’s all good fun isn’t it :slight_smile:

there are some wiced tracks submitted! Ill not tell you who my moneys on.:cool:

definitely nice entries ! some of the stuff is really well mixed and have a great beat . pretty sure the best track i heard so far is from Germany but i havent finished of checking the rest . i will check them out :slight_smile: