SA76 BETA V0.0.8 Available

We’ve just released v0.0.8 - available to download from your account areas at the link below


  • GUI updates
  • Bypass button now no longer independent to metering options on right
  • Metering options not saved to presets
  • Fixed preset cycling bug
  • updated preset display menu
  • Fixed inaccurate Metering issues

This is a beautifully crafted, excellent-sounding tool.

Testing in DAW did not uncover any bugs. However, there are a few items which might slightly improve the installation process and user experience:

  1. During install, it would be helpful if the installer remembered previously-set custom paths. It’s a bit tedious to manually re-enter the custom paths with each update.

  2. It would be helpful if the installer allowed a custom path to be set for AAX, as it does with VST/VST3. (Yes, the AAX standard on Windows, for example, specifies C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins, but some people prefer to organize further into subfolders.)

  3. On plugin instantiation, the update modal continues to appear and show that an update is available, even when the latest 0.0.8 version has been downloaded and installed.

  4. It would be nice if the knob values could be entered numerically. The number values do appear, but it doesn’t seem they can be directly edited.

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I tested this against IK Multimedia Black 76 and Waves CLA-76 Black. Attack at 12 o’clock (4) on all of them and fastest release. At gentler compressions 3-5db reduction they all sound quite identical but at heavier compression at 10db reduction, it pumps a lot more and you can hear the pumping unlike the other two which sound a lit smoother.
Also it keeps telling me to update to version 0.0.8 which is the one I’ve installed.

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